Ratel Polyurethane Liners

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Our RATEL hard wearing impact and abrasion resistant polyurethane liners are easy to maintain in any application. Sheets are moulded and can be cut to any shape and fitted to suit the application.

Our unique block tile and locking block enable ease of replacement tiles by the end user. The tiles are held in position using stainless steel studs inserted by a stud welder.


Cutting Sheets of Polyurethane Liners for fitting to bin

18m Oversize Discharge chute fitted with RATEL block tiles

Liner Laboratory Test Results

The samples were:

  • Red/Yellow;
  • Blue shore 95, and
  • Blue shore 90.

Abrasion resistance

The samples were scuffed with 80 grit sandpaper for 30 minutes using a weight of 1.836kg. The samples were weighed before and after scuffing, and the percentage weight loss calculated.

SampleWeight loss (%)

Red/Yellow 0,102

Blue shore 95 0,100

Blue shore 90 0,071


The compression speed was 1 mm/minute, results are tabulated below.


Load at maximum (kN)

Red/Yellow - 3.015
Blue shore 95 - 3.023
Blue shore 90 - 3.028

Displacement at maximum (mm)

Red/Yellow - 3.723

Blue shore 95 - 1.994

Blue shore 90 - 2.111

Stress at 50% strain (MPa)

Red/Yellow - 1,785

Blue shore 95 - 2,164

Blue shore 90 - 2,091

Compression (N/mm)

Red/Yellow - 1415

Blue shore 95 1668

Blue shore 90 1566