Pumping Solutions

ANUBIS designs, constructs, commissions and operates (optional) mobile pumping solutions for either water or slurry material. Each unit is built for purpose and can either be land based or floating. Our prefered energy is electrical and can be from medium voltage 11/22/33kV transformed to a traditional 380V/415V or 525V/600V application. Pump selection is based on client volume requirements, static head, friction or dynamic head, %Cw and density. In the past we have built systems ranging from 220kW to 1.1MW for Tailings. Reservoir cleaning (removal of fines) using submersible pumps and cyclones are also part of our catalogue of work experience.

Auxilliary equipment includes pump bases, ROSSI or Hanson gearboxes, Drive/Motor couplings, WEG or BMG LV motors.

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